Why You Should Wait At Least Two Minutes to Clamp & Cut Your Newborn’s Cord

06 Dec

The common practice in hospitals today is to cut newborn baby’s cords immediately after birth.  The cord is usually still pulsating, which is NOT a good thing.  You see, the baby is still sharing it’s blood with the placenta at this point.  Until that cord stops pulsating, at least 1/3 of baby’s blood is still stuck in the placenta.  This won’t kill baby, but research has shown that it can increase iron deficiency and anemia.

Give the cord some time to get all the blood back to baby!

A study was done by Ola Andersson, consultant in neonatology at the Hospital of Halland in Sweden, and a team of researchers on 400 full-term babies who were from low-risk pregnancies.  Some of those babies had their cord clamped just ten seconds after birth, while others were given a full three minutes.

Results showed that the babies who were given more time were, at the age of four months, experiencing better iron levels and had fewer cases of neonatal anemia.  According to the study, only about 1 in 20 babies who received delayed cord clamping would suffer from iron deficiency.  Furthermore, there were no other health risks found to be associated with delayed clamping.

Based on this study, I can’t believe that this isn’t common practice in the United States.  But even some midwives don’t wait for the cord to stop pulsating.  I think this is an issue that is so easily solved, and poses no health risks, so I don’t see why anyone is waiting to fix it.  Take your baby’s health into your own hands.  Demand that the doctors wait to cut the cord.  Iron deficiency and neonatal anemia are serious problems!  If your child becomes anemic, they could suffer permanent mental and physical problems.

Give your baby his or her best chance.  Tell your doctor to back off for a couple of minutes, and stick to your guns.  You’ll get valuable bonding time with your bundle of joy before they’re whisked off to be examined, and your baby will have an easier time out here in this big world.

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