Who I Am

I’m Dani, your average 23 year old chick with lots of thoughts and interests and, until I found midwifery, no direction in life.  I like Harry Potter (in an embarrassingly crazy ravenous fangirl way), dive bars, and cooking delicious meals & desserts.  I am so glad you’ve found your way here, to this blog.  I hope to open people’s eyes to natural birth and midwifery, and share my experiences while training to be one.  I hope you enjoy it, too.

So, about how Midwifery found me.  I haven’t always wanted to be a midwife.  In fact, until 6 months ago, when I thought “midwife” I thought “dirty old woman in the Dark Ages”.  How wrong I was…I had absolutely no idea midwifery was still a common practice today- here in the U.S., people look at you like you just turned into a tree when you try and discuss natural birth!  So I hadn’t come across the idea until now.  I had the very amazing privilege of meeting a group of midwives who work at Tucson’s only Birth Center, and their dedication and compassion for their patients inspired me to learn more.  Along the way, I discovered a whole lot of alarming statistics about hospital births (1 in 3 women getting a cesarean??  YIKES!) and began researching the alternative to what I consider to be a barbaric, disempowering process that you are sold when you enter a hospital to give birth.  And so a goal formed in my head: I want desperately to educate and empower women on the subject of birth.  You, ladies, were BORN to carry life inside you.  Whether you do or don’t is your choice, but know this: there is NOTHING stopping you from having choices and exactly the birth experience you would want for yourself.  So if you’re interested, I’ll be imparting some of my research, and a whole lot of my experiences, right here on this blog.  So stay tuned!


What are your thoughts?

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